Formed to cultivate awareness and communication
through fine art.

Share and nurture the art

to engage and vitalize communities.


Artida Cultural Center Inc. was formed for the following purposes:  

  • To engage and vitalize communities by exposing them to all art forms through various programs of education (symposia, readings, lectures, workshops and seminars); printed media (magazines, pamphlets, posters), exhibitions and performances.   
  • To cultivate awareness and communication through art as a universal language.   
  • To share and nurture the arts as a spectrum of personal and social expression through the performing arts, printed media, films, documentaries, social media networks and visual arts.   
  • To promote the integrity of freedom of expression for each individual, group or community.  

see marble carving Symposium 2019

Art, a Universal Language


Giancarlo Biagi casting bronze at the art foundry Cipriani e Innocenti in 1968.

Marble Carving Symposium on the East End, Long Island, NY from August 6 through 21, 2018.


Sculptures on display at Diliberto Vineyards & Winery during the last three days of the Marble Carving Symposium (August 19, 20 & 21, 2018).

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